The wisdom teeth, aptly named because of the age at which they erupt (in your late teens to early 20s), are quite possibly the most problematic teeth. For some, they do not pose any issue. For others, however, emerging wisdom teeth are a source of severe pain. The only way to deal with problematic wisdom teeth is through extraction. At National Dental Douglaston, we can perform wisdom teeth removal, alleviating your pain and restoring the health of your mouth.


One of the biggest problems caused by emerging wisdom teeth is that they are impacted. Simply put, a wisdom tooth is one that cannot properly erupt through the gum tissue. It may not even be able to erupt at all. The tooth could be blocked by bone. It may be growing in at an angle. No matter what is causing your wisdom teeth to be impacted, it can lead to serious complications:

  • Shifting teeth: For many people, there simply is not enough room in the mouth to accommodate a third set of molars. So, as your wisdom teeth begin to emerge, they put pressure on your already existing teeth. This pressure causes your other teeth to shift out of their natural positions, becoming crooked. An overcrowded mouth can quickly lead to issues such as unevenly worn enamel and TMJ problems.
  • Tooth damage: If your wisdom teeth are attempting to grow at an angle, toward adjacent teeth, they can do some serious damage. As they grow, they can cause cracks and fractures in the enamel of your other teeth, which not only weaken them but open the teeth up to infections.
  • Cysts: A cyst can develop as a result of tooth impaction. This fluid filled sac continues to grow when unchecked. As it does, it causes serious damage to your jawbone.
  • Infections: Sometimes, your wisdom teeth may only partially emerge. The area around the partially emerged tooth creates an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and is difficult to properly clean. This can result in a localized infection known as pericoronitis.


Pain at the back of the mouth is often an indicator of impacted wisdom teeth. They must be professionally diagnosed, and then treated as soon as possible. At National Dental, we start with a thorough visual exam of the interior of your mouth. We will also need to take digital X-rays to see what is happening below the gum line.


There are two ways of removing a tooth. The first method is known as a simple extraction. This process involves loosening the tooth in its socket by wiggling it back and forth with a pair of forceps. Once the tooth is sufficiently loosened, it is simply lifted out of the socket.

Wisdom teeth removal almost always involves a surgical extraction. With this type of extraction, the procedure is more involved. We first make incisions in your gums to expose the impacted teeth and jawbone. We then get to work removing the tooth. This may involve removing some bone, or breaking the tooth and removing it piece by piece to ensure a complete removal. When the procedure is complete, your gums are stitched closed, and you can go home to recover.

Tooth pain should never be ignored. If you are experiencing pain at the back of your mouth, contact National Dental Douglaston at (718) 557-9882 right away!