When you think about a beautiful smile, what comes to mind? Bright, white teeth often top the list. When your teeth are anything less than white, your smile, and your confidence, can be greatly affected. At National Dental Douglaston, we can help. With professional whitening services, we can restore your teeth to their original bright white, and give you back your beautiful smile.


There are several things that can turn your beautiful white teeth dull and discolored:

  • Certain foods and beverages: Foods and drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, dark berries, tomatoes, and curries can lead to serious discoloration. These foods and drinks all contain dark pigments that can cling to your enamel, dulling its color.
  • Smoking and other tobacco products: Tobacco products contain many chemicals. Two of these chemicals, tar, and nicotine are responsible for staining. Tar is naturally dark, while nicotine darkens when it comes into contact with oxygen.
  • Medication: Certain types of medications – allergy medications, asthma medications – can cause deep stains. Medications like doxycycline and tetracycline can lead to stains in the permanent teeth of children, whether taken by the child, or by the mother while pregnant.
  • Age: Teeth naturally discolor as you age.


There are numerous products you can pick up at your local grocery store or pharmacy that can whiten your teeth. Whitening toothpaste is a common one. These toothpastes contain abrasives, which work to scrub off minor surface stains. Whitening strips contain low levels of bleaching agents. There are also whitening pens. All of these products are good for minor staining. If you have more serious stains, it may be time to consider professional whitening.


Chairside whitening is one option that we offer at National Dental. This type of whitening is done in our office. It is a completely pain-free procedure. We first apply a protective gel to your gums. We then apply the bleaching agent to the surfaces of your teeth. A specialized blue light is shone over your mouth, which helps to enhance the whitening effects. The results of this type of whitening are noticeable almost immediately.


The other option that we offer is whitening trays. While a professional whitening technique, whitening trays allow you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home. We provide you with the trays, which are custom created from molds of your mouth. We also provide you with the bleaching agent. Results are visible in about a week.


Whitening, while it provides you with beautiful results, is not a permanent solution. However, there are things you can do to prolong the results:

  • Avoid any foods and beverages that can stain for a few days following your whitening procedure
  • Continue to limit foods and beverages that can cause stains
  • Follow staining foods and beverages with a glass of water
  • Drink through a straw when possible
  • Quit smoking, or using any other type of tobacco products
  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly, and maintain regular dental visits

Whitening can restore the beauty of your smile, along with your confidence. For more information on your whitening options, contact National Dental Douglaston today at (718) 557-9882!