Lasers have been used in the dental field for over two decades. They have multiple uses, from periodontal treatment to frenectomies and more. As with any technology, the dental laser has been subject to several improvements over the years. Thanks to these advancements, the laser can now be used to perform oral surgery. At National Dental Douglaston, we take advantage of this innovative technology, furthering our mission to provide you with the highest quality care.


In the past, oral surgery was performed with a manual metal tool known as a scalpel. While effective, the scalpel was known to cause significant bleeding, along with serious pain and swelling following procedure. The laser has changed all of that. The laser light cauterizes your tissues as it cuts, minimizing bleeding. It also causes less disruption to your tissues, which means less pain and swelling while you are healing.


The laser relies on a high-intensity beam of light that is about the thickness of a human hair. It can be set to different wavelengths, which allows us to personalize your treatment to your specific needs. There are several uses for the laser, including the removal of unhealthy tissues in your mouth, making incisions and completely vaporizing tissue where necessary. With the ability to remove a few cells at a time, the laser is extremely precise. It can also take on large tumors, making the laser a rather flexible tool in our treatment arsenal.


Along with oral surgery, laser dentistry has numerous other applications:

  • Periodontal treatments. In these cases, the laser is used to remove infected gum tissue, which provides us with the necessary access to your teeth to perform scaling and root planing.
  • Preparation of your teeth for restorations such as crowns
  • Removing decay from a cavity to prepare a tooth for a filling
  • Tooth whitening procedures


The use of a laser for dental treatment comes with a variety of benefits. One of the major benefits is that bleeding is significantly reduced. This includes both during your procedure, as well as after. The laser also helps to significantly reduce the pain and swelling you experience following procedure. This is possible because the laser causes less tissue trauma. The laser allows for pinpoint accuracy. We can more accurately target specific areas of your mouth (such as a lesion in your mouth that we need to biopsy) and provide you with better treatment. Lasers have the ability to stimulate new bone and tissue growth. The laser has allowed many patients with anxiety about dental procedures to get the treatment they need. With less pain involved, fears are assuaged.


There are often concerns over whether or not the laser is safe to use. At National Dental, we have received extensive training, and we are highly experienced in the technology involved. The laser is just as safe to use as the use of any other tool for any other procedure. The laser does generate a high-intensity light beam; however, we take measures to provide you with the appropriate eyewear to protect your eyes.

The laser has helped to revolutionize many of the treatments in our office. For more information, contact National Dental Douglaston today at (718) 557-9882!