At National Dental Douglaston, we pride ourselves in using the latest technological developments and techniques, which allow us to provide you with the highest quality oral healthcare possible. To make certain diagnoses and treatment plans, we use ICAT imaging. This technology provides us with a crystal-clear picture of the inner workings of your mouth, allowing us to provide you with exactly what you need.


ICAT imaging is a type of CT (computed tomography) scan that is a huge improvement over traditional CT scans, CAT scans, and X-rays. The images produced by this technology resemble those produced by a traditional CT scan, but the technology more closely resembles that of the digital X-ray machine. ICAT uses a cone-shaped X-ray beam, which rotates one full time (360 degrees) around your head. Instead of a single image, the machine takes a series of images, which are joined to create one single 3-dimensional image. This image shows your teeth, their roots, the jawbone, soft tissues and even the nerves inside your mouth.


The process for getting your scan is quick and easy, and there is no preparation involved. When you arrive for your scan, you will be advised to remove anything metallic – jewelry, hairpins, clips, ties with metal clasps. You will also need to take off your glasses and remove your hearing aid if you wear these items.

When ready, we will ask you to take a seat at the machine and place your chin on the rest. We will make any necessary adjustments so that you and the machine are properly aligned.

Your scan will take less than 60 seconds from the time it starts to when it is complete. Moreover, once complete, it only takes a few seconds more for the 3-dimensional image to be displayed on our computer monitor, ready for reading.


Thanks to the in-depth look that the images produced provide for us; the ICAT machine has several uses in our office:

  • We see clearly all of the internal structures of your teeth. This makes planning a root canal treatment much easier.
  • Evaluating impacted teeth.
  • Examining your sinus cavities and nasal passageways. We can also examine your nerve passageways as well.
  • Oral pathology, diagnosing diseases.
  • Evaluating tumors.
  • Determining the necessity for a bone graft.
  • Reconstructive jaw surgery.
  • Planning the optimal placement of dental implants.


ICAT imaging comes with several benefits:

  • The scan takes less than a minute to complete, and is completely painless.
  • With a single scan, we can see soft tissue, bone, and your nerves.
  • Because the image is 3-dimensional, we can see multiple angles. We can also manipulate the image, zoom in and enhance it.
  • ICAT images offer precise 1 to 1 measurements, which helps us to better make an effective treatment plan.
  • We can begin examining your image and making a diagnosis seconds after it is taken. Moreover, you are right in the room so that you can see the image as well. We can explain what we find and help you to understand your diagnosis and treatment options.

With ICAT imaging, we are provided with a much higher quality image, which allows us to provide you with a much more accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment. Contact National Dental Douglaston today at (718) 557-9882 for more information!