Digital Radiology

Technology is constantly evolving. At National Dental Douglaston, we stay up to date with the latest advancements as a part of our effort to provide you with the best oral healthcare possible. X-rays are an essential part of your file, providing us with valuable insights into the unseen areas of your mouth, including between the teeth and under the gumline. For your radiological imaging, we take advantage of digital X-rays.


With traditional X-rays, we had to rely on radiation to capture images of the inside of your mouth. Digital X-rays rely on electronics instead. We ask you to hold an electronic sensor in your mouth, which is attached to a computer. With the click of a button, the images are captured, and they show up on our computer monitor within seconds.


The reliance on radiation for traditional X-rays is one of the biggest reasons that many patients avoid, or even refuse, to have images taken. However, these images are crucial to your oral health treatment plan. With digital X-rays, your exposure to radiation is reduced up to 95%.


Once your images are captured with a traditional X-ray, they need to be developed. To develop them, chemicals are required, which are not environmentally friendly. Digital X-ray images do not need to be developed, therefore, don’t require the use of harmful chemicals.


Digital X-rays come with a wide array of features. Once the image is on the screen, we can zoom in on target areas, enhance the image for a clearer view, and display the image in color or the negative. All of these features, none of which can be done with a traditional X-ray, allow for us to find even the smallest issues within your mouth, and make a much more accurate diagnosis. They also help us to formulate a much more effective treatment plan.


With traditional X-rays, once the images are captured, they need to be developed in a separate darkroom. This can take a considerable amount of time; time which you spend sitting in the chair, waiting. Digital X-ray images appear on the computer screen within seconds, right in the same room. We can go over your image and explain your diagnosis as we examine it. We can then get right to discussing treatment, if necessary, and answering any questions you might have. Your appointment is faster, which allows you to get back to the rest of your day with minimal interruption.


Bulky paper dental folders are becoming a thing of the past, in favor of storing your information in a computer folder. Now, your digital X-rays can be stored there as well. When we need to pull them up, all we need to do is click a few buttons, and it is right at our fingertips. We can quickly pull up an older image and display it side by side, or even lay the new image on top the old one to note even small differences in your teeth and jaw.

The benefits of digital X-rays are numerous for you, as well as for us. Moreover, with continual software updates, the technology is only getting better. For more information on digital X-rays, contact National Dental Douglaston today at (718) 557-9882!