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Learn About Dental Implants with

Four Ever Smile™
Four Ever Smile™ at National Dental Douglaston
Traditional loose dentures provide patients with very limited function. We can vastly improve the amount of function by securing your denture with the Four Ever Smile™ system. At National Dental Douglaston, we can do more than restoring your teeth; we can allow you to fully use your teeth improving your speech, the range of foods you can eat, and your overall comfort. Our team of dentists cares about your oral health, and by scheduling a consultation today, we can begin the process of improving your function and your smile.

Our team at National Dental Douglaston can provide our patients with permanent dentures, all in one day. This system does not require months of planning, months of growing new bone, or multiple visits in a dental chair. We can secure your denture permanently with the use of dental implants. This unique dental implant solution provides a full set of teeth for patients who are missing all of their teeth in either their upper arch or lower arch using at least four titanium implants.

Minimally Invasive Implant Placement

The Four Ever Smile™ is a minimally invasive implant procedure, meaning it is available for even our most medically fragile patients. Your treatment will begin with a full examination; we will use 3D digital CT scans to view your entire dental cavity and then with the assistance of a specialized software program, we will create a treatment plan that is customized to your needs. During this initial appointment, we may take any necessary preparatory steps before surgery, including the removal of unhealthy teeth. For many of our patients, when the implants are placed, because their placement is only minimally invasive, a local anesthetic is all that is needed. We are happy to review all pain relief medications with you before surgery and make recommendations based on your situation. You are not medicated to the point of being asleep, a majority of our patients remain conscious throughout the procedure.

Four ever smile graphic for dental implants at National Dental Douglaston The procedure takes four titanium implants and surgically attaches them to your jawbone. These implants are longer than standard implants, meaning they reach deeper, thicker bone, making bone grafts unnecessary for most of our patients. As the bone heals following surgery, it will create connections with the implants, bonding the two together for a firm hold. Your denture device is firmly in place, providing you a permanent solution.

Our patients love the Four Ever Smile™ because:
•  Permanent: The Four Ever Smile™ system provides you new, restored teeth when your natural teeth are no longer healthy or remaining.
•  Stable: Your dentures will be stabilized in your mouth. You will not remove them to sleep or to clean them, they will securely stay in your mouth just as your natural teeth.
•  Comfort: You will notice an immediate change in how you look, how you feel, how you speak and how you eat. Having the same freedom that your natural teeth once gave you will make you feel much more comfortable.

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Our staff at National Dental Douglaston would love to show you the Four Ever Smile™ difference. For more information, contact our front office at (718) 557-9882.
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