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How Snoring Causes Pain In Your Mouth

Posted on 12/17/2017 by Front Office
Snoring National Dental Douglaston NY 11362
Snoring is a common condition that can affect people of all ages and backgrounds. Even though it is not considered to be a serious condition, it is seen as a nuisance for most people.

It occurs when soft tissue obstructs the airway and the soft palate is forced to move more forcefully which causes the noise. You may wake up feeling tired. Snoring can also cause pain in the mouth. Here is an outline of what may be causing the pain.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

If you snore and you tend to experience pain when you wake up in the morning it could be caused by TMJ disorder. This is a disorder that affects the joint connecting the upper and lower jaw. It is caused by teeth grinding, misalignment of the jaw, impact on the jaw, etc.

When your teeth are misaligned, the lower jaw may move further back then the upper one. This also forces the tongue to move back and obstruct the airway thereby causing you to snore.

People with TMJ often grind their teeth and this may cause further pain in the jaw leading to pain which you may feel when you wake up in the morning.


It is possible that your snoring is caused by your wisdom teeth and the resulting pain may be from a condition known as Pericoronitis. Wisdom teeth often do not get enough room to grow, so they end up being either partially or fully impacted.

If your wisdom tooth did not emerge properly, it will cause swelling and discomfort in your mouth. It can also cause an infection; a condition known as Pericoronitis. You may experience a lot of discomfort which may compel you to sleep with your mouth open.

The discomfort is caused by the infection and the partially emerged tooth, while snoring is caused by the inflammation due to Pericoronitis. If you have questions or concerns about snoring, please do not wait and contact us today.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (718) 557-9882 today.

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